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Get Your Athletes Outside This Summer

Michigan Youth Hockey’s Twitter account asked me a question this week that has been on my mind. They asked “what (are) your thoughts on youth spending more time playing video games than playing outside?”


These kinds of questions really get me going because I remember how much we played road hockey, tennis ball baseball, lacrosse wall ball, touch football and pick up soccer ALL OF THE TIME. We were always out at the school yard, on the street, or down at the ball park playing something. We loved it!!

10 Tips on Choosing and Developing your Coaching Staff

As a head coach, it is critical for you to surround yourself with good people - both on ice staff and off ice. For many teams, it’s difficult to find volunteers outside of the team community to give their time to helping out and ultimately, we must often rely on our parent group to round out our staff. Here are 10 tips to think about as you start piecing the puzzle together to support your team.

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Coach Traugott

Rick Traugott is a lifelong coach who has been working with young athletes in many sports for the past 35 years. The 2014-15 season marked the 27th consecutive year he has been behind the bench as he served both as Head Coach of the Port Hope Bantam BB team as well as Video Coach for Canada's National Women's Team which captured a silver medal at the IIHF World Championships in Malmo, Sweden this past March.

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